Android P: newest version of os are easy to use and more effective.

How the newest OS version Android P will make Android devices more intelligent and easier to use

A standout amongst the most expected introductions at Google I/O this year was the arrival of Android’s freshest adaptation: Android P, and the changes that join it.

Android training in Chandigarh have been talking  about the google newest operating system version Android P on  how’s Android P will make Android devices more effective and easier to use.

Google introduced the newest OS version Android P with the statement “smartphones should be smarter”. This version of Android is being centered around three primary things: Simplicity, Artificial Intelligence, and Digital Wellbeing. Let’s see some essential perspectives about them:

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the center of Android P and as you will see a considerable lot of the improvement come from the analysis and the user behavior. Your mobile will work towards making your life more comfortable and it will assist you with saving time on your every day based in view of how you utilize your applications.

Android P presented with an Adaptive Battery, an undertaking made in conjunction with DeepMind that utilizations on-devices Machine Learning, which can separate applications we utilize more from the ones we use less. Likewise, the App Actions include, in light of this equivalent example of utilization, will indicate you solid activities you will probably accept, for example, calling somebody at a particular time or tune in to a melody when your earphones are connected to.


One of the key objectives of Android is to advance User Interface on mobile devices keeping in mind the end goal to make them more simpler and more accessible. A new system navigation has been introduced in newest OS version Android P. The three-catch route bar will be replaced by a solitary case, which we should swipe up from the base of the screen or right/left in a slider alike shape that really offers live screen preview of our  recently used applications.

Another change needs to do with revolution, Android P has coordinated an alternative in the menu that gives you a full control of this features. In addition, a choice to control the ringer of your phone and media volume independently is currently accessible.

Digital Wellbeing

Google is quitting any and all funny business about battling against unfortunate utilization of cell phones.That’s why a new Google Dashboard system has been added to illustrate how much time we’ve spent on each one of our apps or even set a time on what amount long we need to utilize them, a component called App Timer. It will likewise prescribe us when to take a break or even change our screens with highly contrasting tones to urge us to take that required delay, by utilizing another mode called Wind Down.

Devices with newest OS version Android P Beta and Preview

Right now, Android P Beta is accessible in Pixel phones and even a few devices from outsider makers. The rundown incorporates Nokia 7 Plus, OnePlus 6, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, Essential PH‑1, Sony Xperia XZ2, Oppo R15 Pro and Vivo X21.

Designers inspired by this new OS, can make a beeline for the Android P review for engineers site to complete a test on a Google Pixel or Emulator devices, and discover how your applications would carry on with Android P.

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Finishing off

Android P does not have an official name yet, be that as it may, there have been a great deal of proposals about how Google’s most recent sweet treat could be called.

In the event that you are feeling inquisitive about past renditions of this working framework you can read What’s up with all these Android forms or contrast what came a year ago and Android Oreo. This new Android OS conveyance has raised extraordinary desires for All Android clients and by and by some little, yet at the same time critical, changes will be made with a specific end goal to enhance our experience. So, What newest OS version Android P feature interests you the most? Are you excited about this new version?

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