tips for becoming a successful Android developer

It’s easy to become an Android developer, but to becoming a successful Android developer and not to stand out from the rest. There is lot of effort, passion, dedication and persistence to reach there.


There is no shortcut or easy way I can show you to become a really successful developer. But if you are interested in having the effort and the need for the heart, then you will definitely get all the success you deserve.

Here’s Android training in your Chandigarh provides the experience and tips to help you on your becoming a successful Android developer.

So, if you have decided to start your career in Android development or for some time working as a developer for Android, then you have reached the right place.
So, without wasting any other time, let’s start.

Get More Familiar With Android Framework Interior to becoming a successfull Android Developer

I’m not talking about getting acquainted with the documentation but with the actual Android Framework Code. we have seen many developers in depth in the Android framework intimidating and afraid of diving and have discovered how things actually work and how different pieces fit properly.

If you need to lay down your Android app, stop staying away from the internal workings of Android SDK and start chatting with it.

Start reading more code

Most developers are writing other developers, do not take the time to read. He wrote most of his time in whatever he wrote.

But this will not help you develop as a developer. It will not increase your knowledge. You should start looking at other open-source apps and libraries and start learning.

Try to eliminate the fear of disappearance

Android is big, big enough. You can not learn it completely till the end in a month or two. The more you learn, the more you will get new things that come your way. As a start, fear of being a Miss Out is quite normal.
But try to get it. To start with the things you are currently making, you really need to learn and then gradually expand your horizons.

Consider learning more languages

If you want to become a career and want to become a successful Android developer, learn new programming languages. Instead of keeping yourself limited to Android only, it should be updated with what is happening in the industry.
This will help you improve your Android development skills. know about android developers tools click this link.

Time to learn java design patterns


I can not emphasize that how long it can be in your Android development career. Whenever you get stuck with solving an important programming problem, the design patterns can really help you to create an elegant solution.

You must be on the same page with other developers, so when you use pattern you can immediately know its meaning.

Start contributing to open-source

If you have developed some useful and used it in your app, consider opening it. You will have a lot to learn in this process that will help you develop as a developer.
If you do not have one for open source, consider looking at other interesting open source projects, fixing some bugs, improving the document, and writing some tests there. The small contribution of contributions will also be helpful in running the Project Maintenance Project.

Do your IDE work for yourself

Start spending more time to understand the IDE – Android studio To becoming a successful Android developer. There are many great features and shortcuts hidden in the IDE that most developers do not know or try to find at any time.
Make your device a habit of finding new and better ways to work for you, improving your workflow and productivity.

Now it’s time to properly architect your app

Most of the time, we dump all our code into activities or pieces (you can also blame me for this sin), changing them into huge objects which is almost impossible to maintain and test.

It is very important to adopt a good architecture for your app like MVP, MVVM, Redx etc. Consider separating your app’s business logic, viewing interactions, and making it easy to manage and interact with data interactions in different layers individually.

Use your free time effectively listening to podcasts

Try to use your time correctly and effectively. There are times when you get out of the office / office, work in gym, driving, cooking etc. and your talent is not doing too much brain.
You can use these types of time by listening to some resourceful Android podcasts.

Spend some time learning about Android best practices

To make yourself an edge over other developers and create good-looking apps, you have to start learning some of the best practices of Android development.
These are some more tips and skills that can help you becoming a successful Android developer and your app can stand out from the rest.

Try to know about design

Android training in Chandigarh can understand that as a developer, your primary focus is to learn to write a better code and it is also clear. But if you want to become a full developer, you should start spending some time everyday on learning about UI and UX design and understanding. This will completely replace the apps that you are coding at all times. To get better insights into app design, try talking with UI and UX designers in your team.

Consistency is the key to success

If you want to be successful as an Android developer (or anything in life), then you should be consistent.
Doing something for a few days or weeks and leaving it will not take you anywhere. In the next few years, where you want to become an Android developer, try to see it and stick to your goal, whatever challenge comes in your way.

start small, Gradually expand.

As a developer, you should always try to break any complex problem or feature that you are working in small, simple and independent components that can be easily and quickly understood.
Do not get overwhelmed by the initial size or complexity of a project. Once you are on the right path then everything can be resolved. Start small, take the child’s steps and gradually expand.

Consider adopting TDD

When you are developing an app, consider making a choice to make it strong and efficient so that it can be time tested.
Start following TDD “red-green-refactor” cycle. First write the test case that will fail (red), then type the actual code to make the test pass (green) and then go to clean and customize the code. (Refactor).

Embrace Reactive Programming Approach

If you want to lay down your skills as an Android developer, you should definitely consider embracing a responsive approach. This will force you to think in a completely different way in which you build apps.
Reactingly will help you to write interactive applications faster and make your development life easier and fun again.

Learn how to use Kotlin for becoming a Android developer


When it comes to becoming a successful Android developer, Kotlin is one of the most usable languages in the world. It is also the officially supported language to develop Android apps. This is one of the best things that happened with Android developers who are working on the same old, verbose and error-prone Java.

Try it out and you will definitely find happiness lost once again in the life of your development.

Try to learn at least one new Android content every week

In the vast world of Android, there are many things to learn and understand that you can drown in the beginning when you take action in it. But if you promise to learn a new thing every week on Android, things will be easy.
Make a list of all the things you do not know, give them priority and start winning each week one by one. After a few months, you will find a way forward from where you started yourself.

Consider running two versions of Android Studio

Always keep a stable version of Android Studio to do all those daily things that you need to do. But consider installing the Canary or Beta version of the latest Android studio too.
Sometimes there are many new and exciting features that make your way to these early builds that you would like to take your hand as soon as possible.

Hope these tips will help you become a successful Android developer. You have read and understood these tips, but it is time that you can convert them into actual works and only then will you be able to experience their real power.

This article was originally published by Android training in Chandigarh.


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