New features in Google’s latest Android operating system:- Android 9 Pie

At Google’s annual developer conference Google I / O, which was organized on August 6, 2018, has demonstrated the next major Android OS release dubbed as Android P. According to Google’s latest Android operating system, Android 9 Pie is about simplicity, intelligence and digital well-being. It will take advantage of machine learning and artificial intelligence to take care of clear settings on the smartphone. Likewise, the following Android new version Android P is the primary version of Android to feature and spotlight on the significance to adjust phone and personal family time.Googllatest-Android-operating-system-Android-9-Pie

Here are the new feature latest google operating system: Android 9 Pie

New system navigation: Interface is more gesture-based

Android P accompanies a fresh out of the box new framework route which is transcendently motion based and intuitive. Google says this will be useful with telephones getting taller. There is a solitary home catch, you can swipe up to see a newly designed Overview. It will give sneak peaks of the as of late utilized applications.

Smart Text Selection: Get relevant suggestions

In continuous switching between apps, the Smart Text selection identifies the meaning of the text you choose and suggests relevant actions. It now works in observation, making it easy to execute the action you want to perform.

Marter auto-rotate display: It’s less frustrating now

Auto-rotation now sees a big improvement. A new rotation icon will pop up next to the navigation icons so that you can choose whether you want to actually rotate the screen or not for apps that are otherwise always used as a Gmail feature in portrait mode. This will stop accidental auto-rotate, which is sometimes disappointing.

Smart volume function: Prevents you from muting your phone accidentally

When you really want to stop the volume of that song or video, you are upset to reduce the amount of ringer. The Volume Interface is now shown vertically and the ringer volume keeps up to a maximum. Instead, there are pre-set icons like mute, vibration or full ring.

Adaptive battery: Squeeze maximum battery life

In Android P new features, Google has banded together with Deepmind to make versatile batteries, which gives priority to battery control for the applications and administrations you utilize. This will enable you to press for the most part from your cell phone battery.

Adaptive brightness: Machine learning to learn surroundings

Google has sent machine figuring out how to create adaptive brightness,  which figures out how you need to set bright slider around you.

App Actions: Predicts your next move better

The purpose of Android P is to give better suggestions and to present our next step better with app actions. For example, if you are connected to your device with your headphones, then Android will be on the surface of an action to resume your favorite Spotify playlist.

Slices: More insights on simple Google searches

A new feature called slice puts a deep look into the favorite app. For instance, in the event that you scan for “Lyft” in Google search, you can see an intuitive cut that gives you the cost and time for an trip to work.

ML Kit: Machine learning for all

Google has declared a ML Kit for those engineers who are not much skilled at learning the machine. This is another arrangement of cross-stage APIs accessible through the Firebase. ML Kit gives engineers on-gadget APIs to text recognition, face recognition, image labeling, etc. So  mobile developers can without much of a stretch make applications in view of machine learning.

Redesigned Quick Settings: Simplified ways to take screenshots and more

Android P brings another design interface for fast settings. It gives a superior method for editing, improved volume control, a simple method to manage notifications and more.

Android Dashboard: Focus on digital well-being

The Android Dashboard will take care of digital welfare. It will understand your habits, focus on what matters, and you will be asked to switch off the app and spend time with the family. For example, if you look at YouTube or any other app, then the Android Dashboard will suggest you take a break and talk to your family or friends.

App Timer: Set time limits to app usage

A new app timer feature lets you set the time limit on the app, and bother you when you are close to your limit and then put the icon in gray to remind you of your goal.

Shush mode: The new DND mode

The new shash mode is an upgrade of the dot-not-disturb mode and not only to phone calls and notifications, but also calms all the visual barriers that appear on your screen. Also, if you turn your phone on the table, it automatically enters Do not disturb mode.

Wind Down mode: Helps you sleep better

When the wind gets dark then the switch will be switched on the Wind Down Night Light, and it will fade the screen during your chosen sleeping time and will fade the screen at the time you want to sleep so that you can sleep as often as you want.

Improved Security and Privacy

With these features, Android p gives security and protection upgrades, for example, DNS over TLS, encrypted backups, protected confirmations and more.

In the above there are Google’s latest Android operating system:- Android 9 Pie new features. if you want to know more about Android- click this link Android training in Chandigarh

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