The best Android anti-virus in 2018

Android is the most broadly used operating system in the world, and that implies having the best security applications and anti-virus for Android-equipped on your device is vital, as Google’s OS is frequently focused by malware due to its popularity.

Regardless of the software you use on your Android smart-phone or tablet, we recommend that you install anti-virus software and security applications on your device. In this article, Android training in Chandigarh will highlight the best Android anti-virus tools for Android in 2018.

Many of them not only perform automatic scanning but also actively attempt to open or download malicious web pages and files.

Avast Mobile Security

  • Provide useful functions like firewall and remote wipe
  • Avast Mobile Security
  • Call blocking
  • Anti Theft function
  • Ad support

Anti-virus giant, Avast, has used its extensive skills to create an app which goes above and further ordinary scanner. Extra features in the free version include a call blocker, firewall and even an anti-theft measure allowing you to remotely lock or wipe your Android device if it goes missing.

The application used to be paid but is now free, supported by ads. You can pay a small premium every month or every year to remove these. Another very useful premium feature is the in-app lock feature, which requires the terminal to request a PIN before opening a specific app. This prevents malware from launching an app such as internet banking automatically.

If you need a more curved security suite, check out Avast Ultimate array which comes with a VPN, a system cleanup and a password management solution.

  Bit-defender Anti-virus Free

  • A lightweight application from a reliable brand
  • Bit-defender Anti-virus Free  Version
  • Free
  • Minimal impact on your OS
  • Dead easy setup
  • You must schedule virus scans
  • Reliable brand lightweight application
  • Bit-defender Anti-virus Free Version
  • Minimize the impact on your operating system
  • You need to schedule a virus scan

The bit-defender anti-virus is one of the best Android anti-virus in 2018. Bit-defender is a big name for the security community and free anti-virus programs are very lightweight.  In fact, it will not run in the background, thus freeing system resources and saving battery life.
This means that you need to schedule a scan manually and safely. This states that new applications downloaded to your device will be automatically scanned. Another benefit of this application is that you can use it immediately as soon as it is installed, so no additional configuration is required. If you require special security, please apply for a 14-day free trial of Bit-defender Mobile Security. This includes basic anti-virus and real-time protection of Google’s Chrome browser and anti-theft features. There’s also a nifty Privacy advisor tool and adds a layer of security to your smart-watch via its Wear On technology which alerts you if you leave your phone behind. Security, not in the traditional sense.

If you require special security, please apply for a 14-day free trial of Bit-defender Mobile Security. This includes basic anti-virus and real-time protection of Google’s Chrome browser and anti-theft features.
There is also a nice privacy advisory tool, a layer of security added to Smart Watch, Wear On technology warns you to keep a cell phone. Security is not a traditional meaning.

McAfee Security & Power Booster Free

  • Sports some nifty features and blocks malicious sites
  • Extensive anti-theft features
  • Polices installed apps for data leakage
  • Ad-supported

McAfee is a well-known name for anti-virus software for PC, and this Android application – McAfee Mobile Security – is not disappointed. In addition to the antivirus scanner itself, it also includes features such as tracking lost devices, remotely locking and wiping. If your device is stolen, the app can also take a picture of a thief …
For other highlights, there is a function to check if the confidential information has not been leaked by scanning the application and lock it as necessary. In addition to blocking access to potential malicious websites, McAfee can also keep annoying callers and blacklists of text.

With the paid premium version of the app, you can delete the ad and receive telephone support.

Kaspersky Mobile Anti-virus

  • Top-notch malware detection
  • Blocks malicious sites or links
  • Extra features are more reserved for paid app

Kaspersky has a reputation as big like Bit-defender. The free security application has several impressive features and it is very good to detect malware with a detection rate of 99.9%.
Kaspersky Anti-virus & Security blocks before clicking on a malicious site or link and prevents infection from occurring from the beginning. The main function is support of Android Wear which simplifies security management.
Kaspersky Internet Security provides additional security features for the Android premium version of the app; such as automatic scanning, anti-phishing, confidentiality features, calling and text filtering.

Sophos Free Anti-virus and Security

  • Award-winning protection from Sophos
  • Solid protection
  • No adverts
  • Authenticator for 2FA duties

Sophos free best android anti-virus application won the AV-Test award in 2015. Unlike other free scanners, Sophos does not include any advertisements. However, websites with potential Spam or illegal content are blocked.
Sophos warns you that the application will be scanned for Malware or other harmful content during installation and that confidential information may be compromised. The anti-virus scanner can be scheduled to periodically scan files and folders, and the malware database itself is updated daily.
This app also includes a convenient QR code scanner for setting up a secure Wifi connection.

Norton Security and Antivirus

  • Another big name that provides tight security to your mobile
  • Excellent antivirus capabilities
  • Remote locking of phone
  • No malicious site blocking

When benchmarked by AV – Test several months ago, Norton ‘s free app was able to detect 100% of all Android malware. Norton Mobile Insight is installed in the scanner, and you can detect viruses in applications and files and delete them automatically.
Other useful security functions include locking the mobile phone via SMS message, or when the SIM card is removed. You can also lock the device remotely if it is lost (or locked in case the passcode entry fails 10 times).
A 30-day trial version comes with this application
For special protection, try Norton Mobile Security with additional features such as Safe Web filtering to block malicious websites and the best android anti-virus application in 2018

Avira Anti-virus Security

  • have a smart system to classify apps on the privacy scale
  • Can scan external storage
  • Neat Identity Safeguard feature
  • No blocking of malicious websites

Avira’s mobile products can scan not only the downloaded files and contents in the memory of the mobile phone but also external storage such as SD card. Applications are evaluated using privacy scales and help to easily determine how reliable the data is.
The integrated “Identity Safeguard” periodically checks whether the contact list’s email address is involved in a serious data breach. This app is controlled by a web-based administration portal. This is very useful for setting common policies on multiple Android devices.
Premium versions include enhanced support, automatic blocking of malicious websites, frequent updates, and more.

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