Stunning New Features of Android Studio 3.0

Android Studio now comes with support for Instant App Support, Android Profiler, support for kotlin and much more!

Android Studio 3.0 has released, and most Android developers appear to be happy about it. There are such a large number of new features and upgrades that refreshing your IDE to this new version is obviously another brainer!

How to update

Updating the IDE and Plugin

Android Studio ought to have prompted you to update to 3.0. On the off chance that it hasn’t done as such, go to ‘Check for updates’ in the menu bar to do as such.

When you launch your projects in 3.0 for the first time, Android Studio will reveal to you that there is another version of the module to refresh to. You can keep on utilizing your projects all things considered, however you will miss out on huge numbers of the new features and improvement until the point that you update. Basically, follow the prompts to have your projects updates to version 3 of the Gradle module and to utilize the most recent version of Gradle 4.

Why should I update?

There is an endless list of new features and improvements in Android Studio 3.0 and the new Gradle plugin.

  • Kotlin programming language support
  • Android Profiler: Memory, CPU, Network
  • Built-in Java 8 language features
  • At the time of fast build
  • Device file explorer
  • Android Instant App Support
  • Adaptive icon wizard
  • XML and downloadable fonts
  • Android Things Support
  • Layout Editor Improvements
  • APK Profiling and Debugging
  • Layout Inspector Correction
  • Better grade sync speed
  • AAPT2 is now enabled by default
  • Firebase App Indexing Assistant
  • App link assistant

Application joins partner

Although this list is long, it does not cover all the features of Android Studio 3.0! If you are interested, you can see the full release note on the Android Developers website.
In this post, I may concentrate only on certain features  of Android Studio 3.0:

  • Instant App Support
  • Android Profiler
  • Constraint Layout
  • Kotlin Programming Language Support

Instant App Support

Android Studio 3.0 currently gives you a chance to build Instant Apps. Android Instant Apps empower local Android applications to keep running on your device by launching a URL. Basically, you can run an application on your device, without introducing it!

With Instant Apps, users can utilize a single features of an application without introducing the application with all its different features. At the point when users ask for a component from a instant app, they get just the code important to run that specific features, no more and no less. After the  users have finished using the feature, the system can dispose the features’ code.

To give this on-demand downloading of features, you have to separate your app into smaller modules and refactor them into features modules.

When you construct a instant app projects, the manufacture yields are Instant App APKs that contain at least one features APKs. Each features APK is worked from a component module in your projects and can be downloaded on demand by the user and launched as an instant app.

Android profiler

The new Android Profiler window replaces Android Monitor tools in Android Studio 3.0. This new tool support real-time data for your app’s CPU, memory, and network activity. You can perform sample-based method at the time of your code execution, capture heap dump, view memory allocation, and monitor the details of network-transmitted files.


ConstraintLayout enables you to make vast and complex layout with a level view hierarchy). Much the same as RelativeLayout, all views are organized by connections between sibling views and the parent layout. The main distinction is that ConstraintLayout is more adaptable than RelativeLayout and easier to use with Android Studio Layout Editor.

Support for Kotlin

Kotlin is a statically typed programming language by JetBrain that runs on a Java Virtual Machine and can be compiled in JavaScript source code or LLVM Compiler Infrastructure can be used.
Android Studio 3.0 gives you the code in Kotlin! In fact, Google has understood it as a first-class citizen to write an Android app!
The reason for such a big decision was that Kotlin was proven in the code:

Better readability — Readable code is one that clearly communication its aim to the reader. The perfectly readable code is one that even a non-coder can see perfectly!

Better correctness — Correctness from a developers point of view is characterized as the adherence to the particulars that decides how user can interface with the code and how the code ought to carry on when it is used correctly.

developer Productivity — This is a proportion of the ability of a developer to arrange with the group and implement a better code. Time management is also an critical factor in developer productivity.

As I said before, Kotlin is a changeless kind of programming language. A variable is known at acquire time, so a language is composed forever.

For a few language, this would imply that the programmers needs to indicate the kind of a variable before using it in the code.

kotlin utilizes an aggressive type estimation to decide the qualities ​​and expressions for which type has not been stated.

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