Android Application Development Trends to Watch in 2019

Changes have been made to browse the smart phone instead of accessing the Internet on the desktop and browsing on the smart phone. According to a global digital report, the number of smart phone users worldwide crossed over 5.135 billion.

Smart phones and tablets have become an essential part of our lives, global businesses, everyday routines etc. It is clear that the popularity of the mobile app continues to increase because it is all about making it easy and fast.

In this article Android training in Chandigarh describe about android application development trends to watch in 2019.

Android Application Development Trends to Watch in 2019

The market adjustments due to the alternatives of the users. What application will be should-have in the upcoming year? allow’s figures speak themselves. accordingly, the spendings on the mobile app stores in 2018 are higher approximately 28% than in the previous 2017. The developing interest in the new applications promises even bigger results in the future

It become a difficult task to pick out Android trends to watch in 2019 with the greatest possibilities, but we’ve managed to try this. consequently, we present you the forget about of the seven direction in mobile development to be in the top.

Let’s take a look at Android application development trends to watch in 2019!

Continued Rise of Android Instant Apps

With Google Play Instant, Android users can tap to try out an app or game completely skip the process of f installing. Since instant applications do not require users to download the app, they are simple to use as a website and operate directly from the cloud. As a result, these apps do not take extra storage on your mobile device.

These apps defeat the clutter of unnecessary apps on devices. Google has recently launched several new features for Android application developers, making it easy to build small apps that download faster allow potential users to try out new apps without installing them.
Android’s new app publishing format, the Android app bundle, is a step toward quickly bringing the Google Play instant experience. The year 2019 will become a witness to further progress for the Android Instance App.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

AI and machine learning are deeply involved in mobile apps that we may have noticed. AI appears in the form of a chat bot. Indeed, Siri is one of the greatest proof that machine learning and artificial intelligence are part of mobile applications and that it can not currently be separated.
The growing demand for machine learning and AI as a virtual assistant and chatbot is what we are seeing, and that is what 2019  will bring for us. There all happened are possible do in android application development trends to watch in 2019.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Being just a user, you dislike lazy loading of websites, leaving the waiting time too long. That caused a high average bounce rate, and that’s the very reason of the appearing of accelerated mobile pages (AMP).

Comparing AMP pages with regular ones, it had been found that the primary ones are 84% quicker. This fact together with improved UX, increased click ability, solid reliability and accessibility assurances of AMPs will increase the comprehensive traffic. Another solid feature of AMPs to recognize  is that they’re customized for various browsers. That’s why we expect that the improvement of AMPs will extent to rise within the next years.

Mobile Wallets and Payment Gateways

The easy payment method is what the customer requires for all the applications used by the customer. There has been a steady but significant change in the way that users prefer to shop.

We gradually moved from cash to credit, debit, mobile wallet and digital currencies.
Thus, mobile commerce has become a preferred successful shopping mode.

Therefore, for companies to be able to create an excellent app experience by integrating payment gateways as well as mobile gateways that provide secure encryption will become essential in 2019.

Era of Emerging Technologies and Android

The focus is currently towards creating Google smarter and mobilize AI altogether aspects right from self-driving cars to smart phones. Google’s AI-focused strategy is currently increasing the reach of AI and Machine Learning for mobile app development. Assistants are gaining reputation with each day. many assistants are being incorporated in apps as Chat-bots.

Google has already taken step in this guidance by recommend  “Work” and “Slice” in Google I / O, which allows the app to coordinate with Assistant directly on the device. Google wants users to spend more time on some platforms – such as Google Lens, a visual search tool designed to basically search the world around you through your camera.

Android app development is taking the next leap with the uniting of AR/VR with AI by introducing advances in immersible technologies, together with its Visual Positioning Service (VPS). this is often among the most recent  technology describe and emulating visual features in users’ surroundings. This era is a emerging technologies and android application trends to watch in 2019.

More Businesses will Invest in Cloud Integration

It took years but the world is finally awake to the possibilities offered by cloud computing and integration. There are some of the benefits of developing mobile applications on the cloud, such as streamlined operations, low cost in hosting, better storage and loading capabilities as well as increased user retention,

Multi-platform development is on the rise

Made by Google, Flutter allows you to build beautiful native applications on iOS and Android from a single code base. provides a new architecture such as personalize and extensible widgets,  A Flutter framework is a mobile SDK that provides a reactive view without requiring a JavaScript bridge.
Kotlin / Native, Technology for compiling Kotlin into native binaries. You can develop applications using native libraries and instruments. The Kotlin compiler creates a standalone executable file that can function without a virtual machine. Kotlin / Native will be popularized in 2019.

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