Why Android is the most Preferred Platform for On-demand App Development

The Mobile applications made their arrival after the growth of the Smart phones and the tablets. In fact, the mobile app played an important role in popularizing the smart phone and since then it has been generally a different story.

In the current scenario, mobile app development is the industry’s two most stringent competitors; Google and Apple. Despite the fact that the Microsoft Windows is also a member of this race, it is falling a long ways behind. We are well-known that both the Google Play Store, just as the Apple iTunes, is as of now overwhelmed with mobile applications belonging to various categories.

As the figure of mobile applications are exceeding, it has been  relatively classify into various sorts, for example, the corporate applications, the gaming applications, social networking applications, messenger, and the on-demand apps etc.

More than 3.6 million apps and counting – Now a day, Android is the most Preferred Platform for On-demand App Development. Android OS enjoys a lion’s share in the app market thanks to enterprise-friendly features and outstanding performance. Today, we can find an application for everything on Google Play as organizations have begun with customized and feature-rich applications.

Android is the most Preferred Platform for On-demand App Development

However, here in this blog, Android training in Chandigarh would resolve the significant reasons why Android Operating System is a superior and favored decision for on-demand application development for the business enterprises and start-ups.

Rise of On-demand Apps

As the mobile technology advances, the on-demand applications gain popularity while making our life simpler and offering a great deal of advantages to the business regardless of the industry sector. As the service area remains the greatest beneficiary of on-demand applications, domain like hospitality, producing, transportation, entertainment, and online marketplace can get the most from an on-demand application idea. There is no excess in referencing that on-demand app have acquired progressive changes the app’s world.

Netflix, Uber, Doctor on Demand, SBS on Demand, Tinder, and so forth are a few example of on-demand applications that have set new achievements as far as various downloads on Google Play. Today, Android application development services move around the on-demand  applications as organizations tends to offer services to their customers through Android applications.

Here we discuss a few solid reasons why Android is the most Preferred Platform for On-demand App Development

massive market share – When it comes to market share, then Android outperform its Apple counterpart with a vast margins. Today, with over 88 % market share, Android OS allow most of the smart phones in the world. Therefore, it is always aware to have an on-demand app on Google Play to address extensive  audiences.

Addition of More Features- There are a few must-have features in the on-demand applications, for example, the integration of Maps, GPS functionality and pop-up notification etc.

Which are essential to require the focus on customers. Now this leverage has been introduced by Android and has an edge over iOS. You need GPS and map features to track the exact location of the product.

Ease of Customization- The essential condition about the on-demand apps is that it needs to satisfy the necessities of the end user. Therefore, its functionalities continue changing as new trends continue arriving.

This further need the developer to update the application at standard intervals to serve the necessities of the customers. Thus, Android offers better customization in  comparison to the iOS.

Since the adjustment of applications become simpler, the application retention percentage also increases.

The Advantage of Google Assistant- With Android, you additionally get the help of voice assistance in the form of Google Assistant. You get an entrance to a few data points, which make Google Assistant increasingly proficient and better as compared to Siri..

The Android user simply need to say the command and the data gets encrypted. This makes a much easier for the users to look for a specific item.

Data storage – Cloud storage is a clear whip hand in Android. With 15 GB of storage capacity for free and cross-platform support, Google Drive is the best platform to save valuable data. In addition, Android’s cloud storage is easy to access and is more effective than icloud.

The on-demand application manages the customer’s data and organizations can distribute this purpose through Google Drive mix in an application.

Support for Multiple Languages- The on-demand application should also have the features of different languages support as it depends on the B2C model. It is a main advantage that Android offers a help for around 100 languages in contrast with minor 34 languages in the case of iOS.

Cost-effectiveness- How about getting an application that can seamlessly work on a large number of devices globally? New businesses or set up organizations can leverage the advantages of the universality of Android devices. They can address a  huge smart-phone utilizing audience regardless of display size and device type in a cost-effective way. All they have to locate a best Android application development organization.

Technologically advanced- The vast majority of the Android devices offer expandable memory. Regardless of whether the on-demand app is of an extensive size, it is manageable in the Android device with a micro SD card. Additionally, Android mobile producers are spread over the world, and they can approach with innovative features utilizing technological progressions. In other word, the Android community is booming with technological advance features and organizations can use these features to make applications progressively attractive and easy to use.

These are the primary reasons for choosing Android is the most Preferred Platform for On-demand App Development to create a feature-rich on-demand application. Business owners can also obtain other reasons for choosing Android from a trusted Android app development service provider.

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