Importance of Android Training for Superior App Development

The Android operating system is surprising the world. When we talk about Android, the main word strike to our minds is smart phones which are utilized generally. It turned a platform for some smart phones organizations. Google built up a mobile operating system known as Android. It is a modified version of Linux kernel and open source programming. When it appeared, this features was accessible just on smart phones and tablets further Google android auto, android TV which was easy to use. Android is additionally being utilized in-game console, cameras, pc and other electronic devices.

importance of android training for superior app development

Numerous little and restricted organizations have been enlarged to huge business.1.4 billion Android users have been observed on smart phones and tablets. Mobile applications are drawing the interest of the users like never before. Leading the trend, smart phone have become essential– they are the tools of this generation and the ones that are going to come. They act as a incentive to change business and lives.

Open Source Code

The best part of the Android operating system is the open source feature. A lot many manufacturers, for example, HTC, Samsung and Asus, to give some examples have accessed the code and utilizing its superpowers to create enhanced smart phones loaded with cutting-edge features.

Expectedly, the market size of android is required to develop definitely in the following couple of years. The industry is expanding and there’s no end in sight. Passing by the reports, it has been said that the gross annual revenue of the mobile application industry is  projected to exceed $189 billion by 2020.

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Strong Number Game

Ever since Google launched its most desired Play Store, the enjoyment of playing with applications has multiplied by a gazillion. There was a time when iTunes by Apple utilized its dominating presence and acted as a major crowd-puller, but now the development of Android platform has made it simple for us all to swear loyalty to Android and nothing less.

Let’s look at the statistics for once:

  • Total number of Android apps on Google Play – 3 million (by June 2017)
  • Average number of people is used daily – 9, monthly – 30
  • Time spent per user with digital media on mobile in the US in 2017 – 2.3 hours
  • Total number of mobile application downloads in 2017 – 197 billion

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Better Job Prospects

The Android operating system offers an appealing revenue model – thus, numerous associations have appointed a dedicated team of specialists for application development. Best of all, the employees can work full time or chose to freelance. In addition, an expert who has the expertise and skill to create Android applications can easily work on other operating systems– that adds additional brownie focuses to the job seekers!

Android Compatibility with a lot Devices

Today, Android is all over the place – it is intended to keep running crosswise over different devices, including phone, tablets and TV sets. This is the reason its potential audience development is wide and differed. The record says in 2016 the absolute number of Android devices sold worldwide is 1175450000! Incredible, isn’t it?

Some of the most common Android devices are smart TVs, smartphones, cameras, tablets,  portable media players, car systems, smartwatch, video game players, car DVD players and even drones!

On a concluding note, Android training in Chandigarh is being recognized and appreciated. If you are interested in learning about this in-demand skill, then please access CBitss Technologies.

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