Ways to Make Learning Android Development Easier

Applications are wonderful, and when you have an idea for one it’s everything to simple to dive straight into an IDE and begin hacking away. For a seasoned pro this approach is not recommended, but rather for a beginner it very well may be a truly quick approach to destroy any excitement that you need to learn, and that just won’t do. In this article you can read the few ways to make learn Android development easier.

way to make Android Development easier:

Ways to Make Learning Android Development Easier

Do your groundwork

One thing that completely misses through the quick and dirty web tutorials is that to develop Android apps, you do not learn “Android” itself. It is an operating system and a platform, it is to say that it is a collection of languages ​​and tools that all work together. For example, in your average app development project, which you are looking at:

  1. Programming Logic  (Java)
  2. UI components  (XML and Java)
  3. Data storage  (SQLite, HTTP)
  4. Connectivity  (HTTP, XML-RPC)
  5. Compiling  (Gradle, ANT)

…and, some others that I’ve possibly missed, so you have to do some homework – simply knowing Java isn’t sufficient. Anyway figuring out how to code in Java by making an Android application isn’t fitting since you’re going to experience issues that have nothing to do with the Java code that you’ve just written. Instead, break it down:

  • If you do not know Java, start with the official Oracle Java tutorial.
  • If you do not know XML, then W3Schools has an outstanding and complete tutorial section.
  • If you want to create Google Maps app as your first project, learn how API works on its own, before integrating it into the app.

once you have a grip of the individual ideas you can bring them in a much smoother way than if you were hacking away trying to figure out if you are looking at a XML syntax mistake or a genuine Java exception.

Get to know your tools

Android is a develop platform nowadays, and there are numerous tools accessible to encourage you  to make learn Android development easier. You would be surprised however (or perhaps not) at what number of expert Android developer don’t utilize or don’t think pretty much the majority of the tools accessible to them.

You can gain so much from broken code, yet not if you don’t know how to read the signs. Get to know the Android Debugging Bridge (ADB), the Dalvik Debug Monitor Server (DDMS) as a matter of first importance, at that point proceed onward to the more developed features of Traceview and dmtracedump when you are hoping to figure out how to make your applications run easily and make efficient utilization of system resources.

It is also critical to ensure that your IDE is set up properly, as Source not discovered messages aren’t useful when you’re trying  to get to the base of a Force Close situation. Android Studio is basic and incorporated in so far as installation.

Learn to search

Similarly as with any product improvement undertaking, realizing where to discover the data that you require is the most critical skill to create. Learning how to find the correct solutions to your inquiries rapidly will smooth out the learning curve no end . Here are a few beginnings for some common questions that you need to ask because you make progress in a way that makes  Learning Android Development Easier.

How does this particular component work? Look at the official Android Developer documentation, and utilize the search box. Each part accessible out-of-the-box so to talk is describe in the document, and there are generally code example.

I’ve got an error, what does it mean?! StackOverflow is such a valuable resources for discovering answers to this sort of inquiry that it’s turned into a running joke in the software business. Copy paste the error, and somebody has probably already discovered the reason.

Note: As you find out additional, it’s smarter to attempt and make SO a final resort rather than a first one – you will get familiar with what is happening in the software if you utilize your tools  to try and trace the fault yourself.

There seems more going on here than how I’m seeing, what’s a Dalvik? Would it be a good idea for me to have one of those? The Android OS is an unpredictable beast, and the layer that you regularly take a shot at is abstracted a long way away from the center bits and bytes. if  you truly need to go down the rabbit gap and find out about how the OS functions works, look at the source code itself; GrepCode enables you to browse the codebase online, by Android version, so you can see precisely why you can’t put that Double straight into a TextView. For a more view of the Android, be sure to read Android training in Chandigarh blog.

Be sociable

Join to a developer forum or interest group on social media. It’s an extraordinary method to stay up with the latest development within Android, and there is typically a “beginner” subgroup that you can join to get in contact with individual Android beginners to share tips, dissatisfactions and links. The Android Developers Google+ community is constantly busy, and different forum for example, CodeProject, DevShed and CodeCall have areas for Android-specific discussion. Additionally join to the Android Developers channel on YouTube, it has some incredible video tutorial that clarify the concept – it’s an extraordinary resources for when you’re simply beginning.

Learn to search is intentionally above this point in this article, as asking a question that has been asked hundreds of times before on a similar discussion, and for which the answer is easy to discover is the most ideal way to get an bad reputation  with your first post…

Someone out there has probably already asked the question that is causing you trouble. Similarly if you encounter a issue that you don’t think any other  has yet, ask the question – the answer that you get will help the following individual in your shoes that is trying to figure out that same problem.

If you will likely turn into an expert Android developer, you should work in a group eventually, , even if that is just with a graphic designer, so becoming used to working on a shared codebase is a valuable skills, and working with developer who are already experienced is an incredible method to Make Learning Android Development Easier.

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