Kotlin vs Java, What is the difference

The latest introduction of Kotlin in the most recent Google I/O conference was a big announcement that represents news programming opportunities for Android application developers. As it is known, Kotlin is a supported language for Android development.

Kotlin vs Java, What is the difference

What’s happening with Java?

Java proceeds as the official language for Android Development.  But surely, now, you should remark that both Java and Kotlin are friendly programming languages that try to enhance Android developers choices.

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With so many recent expectations about Kotlin, and KontlinConf arriving soon, you must think that Java most likely is being phased out. Well, not for the moment.

With the most recent Java SE 9 launched last september by Oracle, and including support for Kotlin, they are innovating Java. Of course, you can expect new and useful benefits from Java 9.

So, Kotlin versus Java?

Kotlin works next to each other with Java and C++ on Android.  But, what does this mean?  Indeed, you can add Kotlin code to your existing project. With this “bi-directional use” of Kotlin, you can call into Java language from Kotlin or vice versa, unlike other languages.

The new Android language is totally “inter-operable” with Java, this implies you can utilize Java frameworks and mix commands from both in your code,  without any limitations. Kotlin has been utilized by developers since some years ago but it was until this year that it was formally displayed as an Android support language.

Android Oreo supports the Kotlin language and tools with the latest Android Studio 3.0 by default.

As you can discover in the description of the official Developer Android web: “Kotlin is expressive, concise, extensible, powerful and a joy to read and write”. It’s additionally the primary language to be added to Android.

Are any differences using Kotlin or Java?

The new Android language helps to write more secure, because with less work it’s possible to compose a progressively reliable code. Obviously, in the case of UX, this will be converted to applications with fewer bugs and crashes.

Although Java and Kotlin are both languages for Android development, there are a few  comparisons between both programming languages. However, Kotlin is a fresh start from multiple points of view and it includes a lot of great features for app creators.

One interesting characteristic of this Google language obtaining is that Kotlin will keep on being created and supported by Jet Brains. As a matter of fact, the two organizations are at currently trying to set up a nonprofit Kotlin establishment to take care of the language.

Kotlin for beginners, intermediate or advanced

Should an Android developer use Java or Kotlin? This is recently a constant question  app developers ask, however here are a few hints you should  take into consideration.

Firstly, if that you officially decide to become an android developer probably the best thing to do is to begin or keep learning Java.

At this time, compared to Java, resources for learning Kotlin are rare. Continue finding out about Java and eventually you will turn out to be progressively sure to utilize Kotlin later.

Secondly, if you feel confident enough, you should try out Kotlin and begin getting a charge out of the advantages of making less code and different advantages from this new language.

Even if you´re not planning to use it any time soon, at any rate attempt to advise yourself about it, by participating in communities and eventually start implementing it into your projects.

And thirdly, if you’re an advanced developer  you ought to be now into it! You find yourself in a stage where the two languages are available to you and you have the knowledge enough to take the most out of them.

Until now, Java keeps on being the most popular language application for development, however, watch out for Kotlin as well, since is certainly going to assume a determinant role in a short future.


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