Where does the mobile world go? Here are the most up-to-date and impressive statistics.

The latest statistics, published nearing the end of 2014, indicate that mobile commerce has reached a volume of $ 100 billion. For the first time since the Internet began to use this digital growth has been experiencing.

Where does the mobile world go? Here are the most up-to-date and impressive statistics.Where does the mobile world go? Here are the most Where does the mobile world go? Here are the most up-to-date and impressive statistics.up-to-date and impressive statistics.

It is very important to analyze this development and determine strategies accordingly to contribute to the development of both companies and the sector. As a training institute, we have gathered the statistics that show the importance of taking part in the world of mobile application and marketing.

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New leading mobile internet

Research shows that internet users search Google search engine 84 billion times via desktop computers, while the number of searches from mobile devices has reached 85.9 billion. Only this figure proves that mobile communication is now the leader. By the middle of 2015, the number of mobile Internet users worldwide is expected to exceed 2 billion.

Mobile localization

40 percent of queries made from mobile devices in search engines consists of local-oriented searches. These searches are usually aimed at getting information about local businesses and institutions. Mobile users are using search engines on their mobile devices for a wide range of topics, from buying food and drinks to address at any time of the day.

New opportunities arise in communication

According to the research, the ratios related to the intended use of smart devices are listed as follows; 83 percent phone calls, 74 percent email control, 67 percent search engine and application usage, 62 percent photo taking, 57 percent social media access. Each category seems to have sufficient intensity for companies to formulate a marketing strategy.

Quick return advantage

81 percent of the search engine queries made during business hours are made from mobile devices. The number of people trying to get services on certain subjects by using mobile applications is increasing rapidly. Applications are among the most important users’ preferences for mobile devices because they can respond faster to calls.

Growth affects everyone

Mobile internet and smart devices are no longer the sole monopoly of young people. Research on Twitter and Facebook rapidly increasing 55-65 age group of users has pointed out the potential. It is also noteworthy that the potential between the ages of 45 and 55 is rapidly adapting to mobile internet and smart devices. Thus, the target audience is expanding in terms of mobile marketing activities.

Metering advantage

It is now possible to determine the habits of mobile users by following what they are doing and thanks to the applications. Analyzes in this sense show that social media and search engines are used extensively on mobile devices until midnight at 8 am on weekdays. This habit increases twice as much on holidays. Users prefer to use mobile devices to get together, go somewhere, shop, and similar social needs.

Mobile apps first

Research shows that 85 percent of smart device users prefer to use applications instead of visiting websites when researching companies or products. In this sense, the ongoing competition between iOS and Android apps makes the stores more attractive and fun.

The research also points out that the most downloaded applications are social media applications. The number one application in the mobile world, Facebook, continues to protect the throne. When designing a marketing strategy, it is important for mobile marketing to keep track of which applications are preferred by users and what needs these applications meet.

Research results show that taking part in the mobile world is now a necessity for all businesses.

Article published by Android training in Chandigarh

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