Improving Accessibility in the Android Ecosystem

With billions of Android devices in use around the world and a huge number of applications accessible on the Play Store, it may appear to be hard to drive change over the Entire  ecosystem, but the Accessibility Developer Infrastructure team is doing just that.

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Every time a developer uploads an APK or app bundle to the open or closed tracks, Play tests this upload on various device models running different versions of Android and Generates a pre-launch report to notify the developer of issues.

One year ago, the team added availability suggestions to the report dependent on industry best practices and Google’s own experience. These tests check for basic issues that can make an application harder to use by individuals with disabilities. For example, they check that the buttons are large enough for people to be comfortable to press, and that the text has enough contrast with the background that is easy to read.

Since launching in July 2018, more than 3.8 million applications have been tested and over 171 million  recommendations have been made to improve accessibility. With each suggestion, the developer gets detailed information on how to implement it.

Every developer, from a  one-individual startup to a huge enterprise, can benefit from the accessibility suggestions in the pre-launch report.

We are already seeing the real-world impact of these efforts. This year at Google I/O, the number of developers signing up for in-person accessibility consultations was multiple times the number from 2018. Googlers staffing these sessions announced that the developers had specific questions that were often based on the suggestions from the pre-launch report. The focused questions allowed the Googlers to give more actionable suggestions. These developers found that improving availability isn’t only the proper activity, it also makes good business sense by increasing the potential market for their applications.

Published by Android training in Chandigarh

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