What is the purpose of the Google Android open market strategy?

Unlike Apple, which maintains close control over manufacturing and apps for iOS devices, Google has adopted an open market strategy for Android. Android’s code is open source, which allows multiple developers and programmers to create apps and code upgrades. Several manufacturers use an open source license to get the right to make Android tablets and phones. Google’s $ 12.5 billion acquisition of Motorola in 2011 could be a sign that the company is changing strategies.

What is the purpose of the Google Android open market strategy

Open Source

Google says on its Android site that because of the challenges it faced with the launch of mobile apps, they wanted to create an open platform for carriers, equipment manufacturers and developers to use for their own ideas. Without a single checkpoint, companies can implement Android software in general and market their concepts for Android platforms or apps. Market research firm VisionMobile says online that Google’s strategy is not as open as it looks. For example, any new Android code must undergo a review by Google staff. Google also controls the Android brand, so companies can only use the Android name with Google’s OK.


Although Google’s open market has limits, the development of Android platforms is an attractive option for manufacturers who do not want to deal with Apple’s tougher supervision. This motivation stimulates Android’s growth and introduces more phone and tablet owners to Google’s online world, including Gmail, the Chrome browser and Android’s App Store. The more users interact with Google, the more it can pay for advertising and advertising is at the heart of Google’s profits. Smartphones and tablets are in some ways just things to show advertising


Despite the benefits of the open market strategy, Google faces several potential stumbling blocks. Android is highly dependent on Java programming language and Java based applications. Oracle – the owner of Sun Microsystems, which owns Java – has filed a $ 2.6 billion infringement judgment against Google that is ongoing at the time of publication. Theoretically, a win for Oracle could turn off or restrict Google’s use of Java elements in Android’s code, although the ZDNet website says it is more likely that Oracle will settle for a big profit.

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VisionMobile analysis concludes that Google’s acquisition of Motorola is a tactic to protect Android: The acquisition gives Google more than 15,000 patents on Motorola software that it can use to keep Android running even if the judge finds for Oracle in the trial. VisionMobile has predicted that there will be a major change in the acquisition strategy, with Google providing patented software to manufacturers in exchange for greater oversight of Android development.

This, in turn, can lead to Android devices from different manufacturers becoming more unified and offering a more unified Android experience

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