Android 10: Ten essential tips for overlooked features

Android 10, formerly known as Android Q, has finally started rolling out after months of beta testing. Today’s Android is much more feature rich than before, and that means some truly useful features can escape your attention. Nobody wants it, so here are ten tips to get the most out of the latest version of Android.

The google latest Android version is full of new features, but some are quite subtle, so let’s point them out.

Android 10; essential features

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Use the new navigation gesture like a pro

Google has a new gesture navigation system in Android 10, and it can be much better than the 2-button gesture configuration of Android Pie, as long as you know how to use it. As it is a complete gesture configuration similar to the iPhone, some of the complexities are not clear.

In addition to swiping up in the gesture area to go home, you can swipe left and right to quickly switch between recent applications. The recoil gesture has received a lot of attention due to the way it interferes with the opening of the navigation drawers at the edge of the screen, but there is a simple way to avoid accidentally activating the recoil gesture. Simply drag in and down to the opposite corner of the screen. As long as you are far enough from a horizontal slide, the recoil gesture will not fire, and you can open the drawer every time.

Save your eyes with Dark Theme

Google has bothered us with the dark mode options in previous beta versions of Android, but Android Q is the first one that stayed. The final version of Android 10 includes a Dark Theme system user interface, and there are already some applications that will respect the dark mode settings

To enable dark mode, open the Quick Settings and just touch the Dark Theme icon. Unfortunately, there is no way to automatically schedule Dark Theme like there is on Samsung phones, but the quick setting is simple enough.

Share your Wi-Fi via QR codes

Sharing your Wi-Fi password with guests is fun to do, but you should use a strong password that is probably annoying to read. The latest version of Android 10 makes it easy with QR code sharing. To get someone on your network, go to the Wi-Fi settings and press the settings switch next to your network. Click the “Share” button, verify your fingerprint and your phone will generate a QR code

Android 10 features : Share your Wi-Fi via QR codes

To join via a QR code on another Android 10 phone, touch the QR icon next to “Add Network” in the main list of Wi-Fi networks. Point the camera at the QR code and you are connected.

Smarter smart answer

Google’s Smart Answer system gets even smarter on Android 10. Instead of simply suggesting text responses, Smart Answer can offer to send emoji. If the message contained an address or web link, Smart Answer can offer to open them directly as well. Watch out for these new bubbles when you receive a message.

Change the hidden theme options

Google works for correct theme support on Android little by little, but there are already some basic controls of them if you know where to look. First, you need to enable developer options. Go to Settings> About Phone and press Building Number seven times. Then open the development options menu under System> Advanced. Scroll down to the bottom and you will find the Teming section where you can choose from several different accent colors and icon shapes

Get more done with focus mode

Smartphones are made to be engaging, but sometimes you just need to do a little work. Google added Digital Wellbeing to Android Pie, and Android 10 takes it a step further with Focus Mode. This feature allows you to disable apps you use too much and help you focus and find focus mode under Settings> Digital wellbeing> Focus mode. Just select the apps you think are distracting and turn on focus mode. Make sure you add the quick settings so you can quickly turn on and off the focus mode.

Use the new file app

The Google Files app on Android Pie wasn’t really worth using, but it greatly enhanced the experience on Android 10. You can access the app through Settings> Storage> Files, and there is also a file icon in the app list.

The new Google Files app displays the entire folder hierarchy on your internal storage with multiple viewing options. There are also shortcuts to find all pictures, sounds, videos and more. You can even have more than one copy of the Files app open at a time using the “New Window” command in the overflow menu

Silent and alert notifications

Google has struggled to make notifications more configurable without making the process hopelessly confusing. The process is now much simpler on Android 10. You can long press any notification to get “Alert” and “Silence” options. Simply flip an application to silence if it is bothering you too much. You can touch the gear in the extended pressure notification menu to access more features, such as disabling the pop-up alert and setting silence or alerts for different notification channels within an application.

Restrict location permissions

Android 10 has a brand new menu to monitor how apps use your location under Settings> Location. There you can see the apps that last grabbed your location so you can block anything you don’t trust.

Under the App Permission submenu, you can also change how apps access your location as well. You now have the ability to access location all the time or only when the app is open.

Opt out of ad targeting

Google has long offered a way to opt out of ad targeting on Android, but the feature was deep in your account settings. Android 10 places it in a much more accessible location. Check Settings> Privacy> Advanced> Ads to find the opt-out switch. Turning the switch will not process your activity in Google’s advertising algorithms. That is good for your peace of mind, but the advertisements that you see are not that relevant to your interests

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