Kotlin features to enhance your Android app development process

Best Kotlin features for Android development

Kotlin is a static typical programming language like Java developed by JetBrains who developed IntelliJ IDEA and has been widely used for Android app development projects. Like Java, Kotlin is also a common language and has some great features that make it the most preferred programming language for Android app development.

One of the reasons why Kotlin is preferred over Java is that you do not need to write an endless code with Kotlin. It saves time and effort from Android developers and makes a development process smoother and more efficient.

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Kotlin Features To Improve Your Android App Development Process

Kotlin Setup

Whether you use Android Studio or IntelliJ, it is good that Kotlin is well supported. To set up Kotlin, the first thing to install is the Kotlin plugin. When you do that, you will be given new options to convert Java to Kotlin. The two options are mentioned below.

Create a new Android project and configure Kotlin in the project

Add Kotlin to an existing project. There is a step-by-step guide to learn how to add Kotlin to a new Android project. It is easy to learn and implement successfully. You can also create a Java class and convert it to Kotlin with a simple set of rules. There are also Kotlin extensions available for you that save a lot of time. All you have to do is apply another plugin in your module to build a Gradle file.

Use plugin: kotlin-android extension

Read about Kotlin’s features in detail to make sure you run and test your app with Kotlin.

Now let’s understand what some of the Kotlin features are for Android developers that make it a perfect language for Android development.

It is an open-source programming language that takes a pragmatic approach when it comes to developing Android apps. For example, Kotlin does not include features such as build systems and package handlers because these features are taken care of by open source tools such as Grade and Maven. Kotlin also focuses mostly on maintaining backward compatibility and its decision on language design is based on it. The most relevant example is that Kotlin still supports Java 6 bytecode as most Android devices run on it.


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It is 100% interoperable with Java

One of the most important features that developers love with Kotlin is that it is 100% interoperable with Java and you can call Java code from Kotlin and vice versa. The bytecodes of Java and Kotlin are the same and you do nothing different from Kotlin.

The main advantage of this is that you can immediately start using Kotlin in the middle of the development of the Android project, even if you previously developed the project in Java. All you have to do is learn about simple syntax and constructions of Kotlin. Developers find it very advantageous and interactive to use Java and Kotlin code together and it works well without jeopardizing the project and its features and functions.

Forget NullPointerExceptions

According to Android developers, NullPointerExceptions is one of the reasons why apps crash. Once you get to know NPEs in the app, it takes a lot of time to fix these NPEs while protecting your code from NPEs. This is an important issue and must be dealt with completely.

Thanks to Kotlin, you just have to forget about NPE because Kotlin supports null security in its type system. You can catch these NPEs during compilation and your app does not crash when using.

Larger IDE and tool support

If you are a newer Android development, you do not have to worry about support and help when using Kotlin as it is backed by a well-known company JetBrains. JetBrains specializes in developing the best IDEs in the world.

If you are looking for Kotlin’s support from the community, you just need to install a plugin for it. Kotlin supports almost all IDE features in Android Studio and mixing and matching Java and Kotlin features and code does not affect the app. No other languages ​​offer such IDE support.

Another feature that developers love about Kotlin is the “Convert Java file to Kotlin”. All you have to do is give it to your old Java file and it will convert your old Java file to the corresponding Kotlin file with just one click.

Write less code

Developers love to write less code and that is what Kotlin offers them and that is why developers also prefer Kotlin over Java. You can also convert your old java files to Kotlin files to reduce their sizes.

Another reason to use Kotlin for Android development is its readability. It is not a language like Java. It is concise and sharp and easy to read when you understand the syntax.

It is an enterprise language

When JetBrain conceptualized Kotlin, the main goal was to help developers build business apps easily and quickly. There is no academic or research background associated with Kotlin because it is built with the enterprise in mind. It solves and handles real problems and practical development issues. They haven’t developed Kotlin from the beginning, because they just want to develop something that helps developers build Android apps with ease and comfort.


Kotlin is one of the best and most preferred programming languages ​​for Android app development and it has carved a niche for itself by offering some of the crucial benefits for developers. Kotlin makes the entire development process for the Android app very fast, convenient and simple. This is the biggest benefit of prioritizing Kotlin over Java for Android app development.

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