Kotlin Android programming language to build high-end Android applications efficiently

On May 17, 2017, Google’s CEO announced the Kotlin programming language, which is an official language for Android development. With the latest announcement, it will be exciting for Android developers to adopt this most powerful and modern language. It overcomes several issues for developers, including source code verbosity and runtime exceptions. This easy-to-learn language offers developers several other benefits to make Android app development more efficient and fast. It offers the best performance, efficient and easy coding with less run time and with resource libraries it will be a boon for Android developers.

Key features of Kotlin programming language

Kotlin Android programming language to build high-end Android applications efficiently

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There are various advantages of Kotlin’s android programming language.

Java Compatibility – Since Java is the default language for Android development, this new programming language is also run on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). For Android development, it will be possible to use Kotlin as well as other JVM languages. Kotlin helps developers streamline their development process and make it possible to build high-quality apps quickly and efficiently. Because it is very compatible with Java, developers can use their existing code in Kotlin projects. It also makes it possible to compile your project in Java and Kotlin.

Very secure and flexible – It is a great help for developers to reduce errors in their code with NullPointExceptions. To avoid common mistakes, its powerful compiler is designed precisely to automatically cast mistakes. It has reached features such as Java compatibility, built-in null checking and adding new features using extension methods for existing classes and several others helping Android app developers improve the efficiency of their Android application development process.

Reduced source code – When we compared Kotlin to Java, it required 20% less coding, which means that it increases the efficiency of developers by reducing long code writing. For large apps, this feature becomes very useful for developers. With this feature, developers can concentrate more on other important tasks related to app development. Furthermore, with a simple and readable code structure, it becomes easy for developers to understand the code written by other developers

Open source development platform: This open-source development platform offers several opportunities for developers to implement their skills to create higher-level applications. It allows developers to convert their existing java files using the Java to Kotlin conversion tool that helps convert complex code into easy-to-read code. In addition, with the support of a large developer community, developers can easily obtain expert assistance for any of their queries. Since Kotlin is an open-source development language, it can only be used for free. Therefore, it also makes application development profitable.

Nowadays, most mobile app development companies have started using Kotlins language for their Android projects. If you are looking for an Android app development training institute in Chandigarh for your Android app development with Kotlin, you can contact CBitss Technologies to get advanced Android training in Chandigarh and app development services from a team of Android developer experts.


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