The 5 best IDEs for Android application development

At the beginning of the mobile application market, iOS applications dominated the market and were the only restrictive player. Later, the development of Android completely changed the game

The drastic growth of Android application development is due to very valid reasons.

The 5 best IDEs for Android application development

The 5 best IDEs for Android application development

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What is an IDE?

An integrated development environment or IDE is an integrated solution that provides the opportunity for mobile application developers to perform the software development cycle continuously and at a faster pace.

The development cycle includes design, writing, compilation, testing and debugging of the code. Specifically for Android application development, Google has provided Android Studio IDE that is derived from IntelliJ IDEA.

For rapid development, it is recommended that mobile application developers use IDE. So, here is a list of the best free IDEs for Android application development

Visual Studio – Xamarin

Xamarin was launched in 2011, which is the best-integrated development environment or a free IDE. Offering a cross-platform approach to business quality, Xamarin has become the most popular integrated environment developed for iOS, Android and Windows.

Visual Studio is the best tool for mobile developers. Microsoft not only includes integrated services but also provides the tools to manage small and large computers, create services and manage versions.

Platform: mobile and desktop solution with C # in an integrated development environment or IDE and deploy on iOS, Android and Windows.

Test Cloud: it has the power of continuous integration in the cloud, which allows internal and external teams to test the code.

Insights: The use of the application and the latest trends.

The improvement of the basic tools for delivery is always a priority. Team members include UI / UX, quality analyst, implementation, constant support and validation of success

Android Studio

Developed by Google, Android Studio is a comprehensive integrated development environment that allows Android developers to get what they want without an integrated development environment or IDE.

Android has Gradle-based support that has features such as visual design editor, smart code editor, real-time profilers and APK analyzer. It acts like any other Java IDE in terms of error investigation and file hierarchy.

IDEA IntelliJ

With a clean and exquisite interface, it specializes in the development of business web and mobile applications with the help of Java, Scala, Kotlin, Groovy and many different frameworks that are for the development of Android applications.

Detailed documentation helps perfect integration that is easy to understand. Multiple add-ons are available to perform any task.

The IDE provides framework-based assistance, productivity enhancers, discrete intelligence, duplicates, and inspections. With this IDE, you can perform in-depth coding, fast navigation, and error analysis. In the community edition of IntelliJ IDEA, you can access for free to develop the development of JVM and Android applications, but in the Ultimate edition you can access a cost for ready-to-use applications


This feature-rich IDE allows the development of Android applications in different languages. In fact, its light and heavy coding concept support up to 40 languages. Virtual keyboard help is also needed to integrate the symbols. Automatic indentation, syntax highlighting and Dropbox synchronization is one of the most common.

Eclipse IDE

It is one of the most popular IDES of Android applications. Open-source software is free to use. Launched under the Eclipse Public License, it has a large community that has many add-ons and configurations. Highly customizable offers full support for Java and XML programming language.


There are many different useful tools for Android application development. Most of the leading offshore developers in India have a personal preference for the tools they want to work with.

As the use of Android applications continues to grow, the platforms will develop a higher quality application for use.

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