Android news: Android now the world’s most popular operating system

Android is catching up with Windows as the most popular OS in the world, but Android app that stole secretly from other applications


Move, Microsoft Windows. Thanks to mobile, Google Android has become the king now, becoming the most popular operating system in the world to become online.
Web analytics company reports that for the first time Android outperformed OS internet use market share worldwide. Looking at usage in desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile in March, Android usage reached 37.93%. It was enough to narrow down and overtake Windows 37.91%.

“This is a milestone of the history of technology and the end of the era:” This is the end of the global leadership of the OS market held in the 1980s and the global Internet usage share five years ago Symbolizing the revolutionary progress of Android that accounted for only 2.4% of the total.

StatCounter who got the data from 2.5 million websites cites iOS as the third-ranking operating system which recorded a penetration rate of 13.09% on the Internet. Only 75% of Internet usage was from Linux.
Last week, StatCounter reported that mobile Internet usage in India was 79%, more than double that in the United States (37.2%) or the UK (34.8%).

According to the company’s of Android training in Chandigarh analysis, Android dominates the global mobile OS market share (71.61%) in March. iOS was 19.5%, Windows was 1.01%. This is not surprising given how well the Windows Phone platform was not received.
Windows still holds the title as the world’s most used operating system on the desktop and laptop. With a market share of 39.5% in March, Windows is still the most popular platform in North America. In North America, the iOS platform is 25.7% and the Android usage rate is 21.2%. In Europe, Windows accounts for 51.7% of the device. However, in Asia, Android is only 52.2%, Windows is only 29.2%.

Windows won the desktop war, but the battlefield has changed. Although it would be difficult for Microsoft to advance on mobile, the next paradigm shift can give it a chance to gain control, which can be either reality, AI, voice, continuity, a product whose goal is to make desktop and smartphones one Change is with Microsoft powered phones.

Android now the world’s most popular operating system : Android application stealing data secretly without your permission from other applications

In other Android news, trainers at the Android training in Chandigarh, Android training center in India, banglore or big institutes, Virginia Tech researchers warn that some Android applications that do not require excessive access rights are actually stealing personal information from other applications.
“Researchers knew that applications might be discussed in some form, shape or form,” said Gang Wang’s computer science associate professor. “In this survey, the fact that actual evidence has been repeated many times, whether or not the operation of the application is deliberate, the possibility of causing a security breach depending on the type of application installed in the mobile phone There is that.
As a result of analyzing 110,150 Android applications over the 3 years, researchers have leaked confidential information phone and personal information, and thousands of kinds of possibly permitting unauthorized applications to access privileged data I found an application

This study funded by DARPA took 6,340 hours and used the DIALDroid software. You can read the complete report in the report “Collusive Data Leak and More: Large Scale Threat Analysis of Application-to-Application Communication” (pdf).


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