Pure Model-View-Presenter on Android

Here we talk about finding the best Android mobile application architecture to relax our code and make it more testable and reusable. It is quite complicated in the software development industry to find a standard of architecture in Android development. It is true that for some time a very basic MVP has been proposed to... Continue Reading →

Which is the best mobile application development technology today?

The importance of choosing the best app development technologies Every company has its own reason for going to mobile app development, it might just be a good idea for a startup or if you want to increase your product sales through the mobile commerce app. Apart from defining the right set of features and functions... Continue Reading →

How to Avoid Malware on Android

Android may have a more open platform than Apple but with it the potential for malware. Google is trying to take action to fix it with things like Google Play Protect, but there are still out there. But with a little care, it is fairly easy to keep your phone safe and malware-free. What is... Continue Reading →

Intro to Mobile App Development

Smartphones and apps are an essential part of our lives nowadays, but how are mobile apps developed? Far from the days when the cell phone was just a device the size of a brick that made phone calls. Android and iOS have had a huge impact on the way we look at mobile technology. We... Continue Reading →

Android 11: what we want to see

The Android 2020 update is set to Android 11 - it's not speculation, but the fact, since Google has confirmed the name itself. This follows because, with Android 10, Google promised to follow a numerical operating system organization system. This means that while Android 9 was Android Pie, Android 10 was not Android Quiche and... Continue Reading →

Kotlin Android programming language to build high-end Android applications efficiently

On May 17, 2017, Google's CEO announced the Kotlin programming language, which is an official language for Android development. With the latest announcement, it will be exciting for Android developers to adopt this most powerful and modern language. It overcomes several issues for developers, including source code verbosity and runtime exceptions. This easy-to-learn language offers... Continue Reading →

What is the Android application framework?

In this Article Android training in Chandigarh, trainers explain the concept of What is Android Framework and What is Architecture of Android Framework. In addition, Android or Android technology and app development with Android Framework. Almost the whole world can say in an ambiguous way that they know one or two things about android that... Continue Reading →

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