Android Pie: Five new features will arrive on your phone

Android pie has many new features. Depending on how often the creator of the phone updates the operating system, you can open your way to Android devices.
However, Google Pixel owners can get these features right now.


New navigation

Android Pie’s new navigation flow.

At the moment, most Android devices have three digital buttons at the bottom of the screen to navigate the screen. In new version of Android Pie, you can only use one button by enabling new gesture navigation. The Home button acts as an area that uses gestures to display recently used apps, quickly switching between them, and opening an app drawer.

Smarter settings

By using Android Pie, you can learn the details of how to adjust the settings such as the brightness of the display, and in general when using a specific application, with the mobile phone. It adjusts the OS to improve battery life and overall performance.
For example, if you have the Reddit app open only a few times a week, Android Pie basically ignores Reddit’s resource request (flashy phrase for refresh request) and power it to your favorite always-on CNET app Give it.

know how to install android p beta essential phone

Android pie:Smarter app suggestions

As you further advance your bid on Android devices, you can learn more about what actions are taken in a specific app or contact over time. In addition, you can execute the task immediately after displaying the shortcut.
For example, if you call a relative before and after a certain time on a particular day, App Actions provides a shortcut for dialing in person in the app drawer.

Wellbeing features

Google is working on smartphone poisoning with a wellbeing program. The company wishes to shorten the time on the phone and encourage to increase the time to experience life without a screen.

Some of Android Pie‘s well-being programs have a new dashboard that breaks down the usage habits based on the app, the number of times the phone was unlocked on a particular date, and the number of notifications received.

In addition, it has more comfortable features such as an application timer that limits the time in the application, and a new wind cutting mode that makes the interface of the mobile phone black and white at the set time every night. The lack of color is supposed to hinder you from spending too much time on the phone in front of the bed.

Shush, a function related to ringtones, becomes active when you place a display-equipped phone on a flat surface. The phone will automatically disable the call prohibition mode, ignoring any interruptions that may occur during a conference or family dinner.

While Digital Wellbeing didn’t make the final release of Android Pie, Pixel users who have already updated to Android 9.0 Pie can sign up to help Google beta test the new feature.

New screenshot tool!

Finally, Android Pie adds a great tool to do more in the screenshot.
After taking a screenshot, you can annotate and share it from the screenshot interface instead of relying on third-party apps as before.

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